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Challenge: For today’s challenge, I want you to write a tribute to another member of Gather Writing Essential. You may tell us who it is, but you don’t have to if you don’t want.

Please use at least three uncommon adjectives to describe them/your relationship with them. Get creative! :-)

Also, I want you to include a metaphor or a simile. (Those of you who know the difference, go ahead and put some examples in the comments here for others to read.)


Watching him clean his cat box is such fun to watch. He grumbles like entrancing beautiful music. His gassest humor (no I’m not speaking of William) is such a challenging delight, full of love and ready for war. A war of the humongous, simple words. He does this knowing there are naïve, lazy people like me, always ready to idly work.

I probably shouldn’t have posted this because he just gave me his lilac smelling pooper scooper.


Definitions: Gassest: Amusing, pleasing.

                   Bad: My writing

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