Yuck! Hulk Hogan’s Ex Talks Sex Tape!

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Brace yourself, Linda Hogan watched the sex tape of her ex-husband, Hulk Hogan and his best friend’s wife. Have you recovered? While you’re probably wondering why, that’s not an answer she provides. That’s probably a good thing, the imagination shudders. Back in 2007, while the couple was still married, he made the tape. Hogan claims “I was with some friends and made a wrong choice. It has devastated me, I have never been this hurt.” Really? Huh, probably not as hurt as his ex-wife!

Hulk Hogan2The best friend, radio guy Todd Clem aka ‘Bubba the Love Sponge’, gave consent for his wife, Heather, to have sex with Hogan. Clem says Hogan ‘brainwashed’ him into it! That Hogan is pretty clever for having had his head slammed around a WWE ring for so many years! Fast forward and Hogan is suing website Gawker for publishing a clip the tape and Clem and his wife…for $100 million.

Linda claims she knew Hogan was unfaithful during their marriage because he often wouldn’t look her in the eye. “That tape was sickening,” says Linda, “Watching them do that behind my back turned my stomach.” Even years later, it would be awfully painful to see something like that. She said she wasn’t really shocked about the tape, more by who it was. She admits she never expected it to be so close to home and with Heather since they were all friends.

Linda definitly got her digs in! She slammed The Hulkster for his lack of bedroom skill, “He didn’t appear to be a stud muffin in the sack did he?” Score a smackdown for Linda! Thankfully, she’s moved on with her life. She had a fairly long relationship with her now ex-younger boyfriend and was seen with him on the first season of ‘Couples Therapy‘. She is starring in an episode of ‘Brides of Beverly Hills‘ that aired on Friday night. Hulk Hogan is currently married to Jennifer McDaniel.

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