Yucky – Mold – I Hate Mold!!!!!!!!

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Do you have an area in your home that has a leak or a damp room? You cannot get rid of the mold until you get rid of the moisture. You need to find where the moisture is coming from and stop it. Then you can clean with bleach to solve the mold problem.

I know that when I go inside a damp basement or  even a damp room, I will immediately begin to sneeze, cough and have trouble breathing.  In winter, we don’t worry so much as we use coal heat. Coal heat is dry heat so it works sort alike dehumidifier.

If the moisture is still there, it will do you no good to clean with bleach.  Mold can become very dangerous if you inhale or touch mold or the mold spores.  It can cause many health problems, from allergic reactions to asthma attacks.  You should always be very careful when you are working in a damp area of your home. If you are removing the molded wood or wall paper, you should wear a mask and gloves.

Mold is a natural part of the environment but not good indoors. It’s purpose is to break down organic matter. Mold is very much a part of a compost pile, that has fallen leaves and such in it.

The Government has an online site that addresses the problem of mold.  It just may be more dangerous than you realized it was.


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