Zac Efron Admits to Condom Debacle at ‘The Lorax’ Premiere

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Actor Zac Efron has admitted to dropping a condom in plain sight of photographers and videographers at the premiere of The Lorax. Matt Lauer of The Today Show questioned the Lorax star on Thursday morning about the rather obvious faux pas that took place on the red carpet.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Lauer’s interview was tinged with humor, as was Efron’s response.

“Better safe thaZac Efronn sorry?” Matt asked.

Zac’s answer was positively priceless–and he gave it without missing a beat.

“That’s a great message to add to many messages in the film,” he said.

Some people are now wondering if perhaps Zac Efron dropped that condom on the red carpet back on February 22nd intentionally. Was it done to create the buzz that a viral video of the debacle has in fact caused?

Others feel it was a simple, embarrassing mistake made by the young actor. His honesty is refreshing and his inadvertent message about safe sex may prove educational.

If you didn’t catch Zac Efron walking the red carpet at The Lorax premiere–and dropping his condom on said carpet–you can check it out by clicking here.

Of course another question begs asking with regard to the dropped condom debacle: Why was it in his pocket in the first place? If Zac knew he was attending this red carpet premiere–and how could he not–why didn’t he clean his pockets of items he wouldn’t need during that evening?

Alas speculation can run wild, but fans may never know. What they do know is Zac is no doubt fabulous in The Lorax–and also at answering Matt Lauer’s pointed questions.

Great job, Zac!

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