Zac Efron: Are Nightclubs His Thing?

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It seems that Zac Efron may be turning into a homebody. According to reports, the High School Musical star hates parties, does not go to clubs, and is somewhere between being a “wet blanket” and flat-out “anti-social.”

In a recent interview, Zac Efron came out and said it… night clubs just are not his cup of tea:

I just don’t have fun at clubs. I don’t know how people do that stuff. It’s a bunch of people you don’t know, a lot of intoxicated people running around that are sort of obnoxious or want something from you. I don’t know how people have fun in those scenarios.

So is Zac Efron right, or is he just being a party-pooper? Look, going drinking with one’s friends may be a huge rite of passage for many, but for the 24-year-old Efron, he prefers to take it easy and relax. He may have point, because staying home keeps the paparazzi from taking photographs of him in “compromising” situations that may be blown out of proportion by the tabloids.

Is Zac being anti-social or a wet blanket? Hardly, from this point of view, he is being smart!

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