Zac Efron Crushed on the Babysitter!

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A young Zac Efron didn’t have ‘the hots’ for his teacher. No, he had ‘the hots’ for his babysitter. What exactly did the former ‘High School Musical’ star do to express his puppy love?

How about stalking the baby sitter at a Pearl Jam concert? Okay, so this is a little creepy. Zac Efron, only 12 at the time, found out that his babysitter was headed to hear the band Pearl Jam in concert. Zac found his way into the concert and hunted her down. Talk about a smooth move:

I’ll never forget. I searched through the crowd and found her and pretended I just showed up and she was like, ‘What are you doing here.’ I had no idea who Pearl Jam was.

One take away from Zac Efron’s trip to the Pearl Jam concert is that he might have a thing for older women. No, the rumors that he has hooked-up with Rumer Willis’ mom, Demi Moore (cougar) is a bit far-fetched. Still the always prepared actor certainly has a way with women. No word as to whether or not Zac and the babysitter did anything at the concert. Odds are pretty doubtful, though stranger things have happened.

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