Zac Efron Dishes on Valentine’s Day Date with Lily Collins?

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Zac Efron recently dished about his intimate, romantic, low-key Valentine’s Day date with someone he described only as “a friend.” Ever the gentleman, Zac didn’t name names. However, rumor has it that he was talking about Taylor Lautner’s ex-girlfriend, Lily Collins.

In an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen coaxed an initially reticent Zac Efron into opening up about how he spent Valentine’s Day, and more importantly who he spent it with. The Lorax star finally revealed that after attending a screening of one of his films called Liberal Arts, he went home and cooked dinner. But Ellen wasn’t about to let him off so easily.

“With who?” she asked. To which Zac smilingly replied:

“With a friend.”


Unfortunately for his fans, Zac refused to divulge his mystery date’s name. Even though Ellen pressured him relentlessly, he remained mum. In fact, he even joked at one point that his mystery Valentine was none other than Ellen herself. However, rumor has it that his homemade Valentine’s Day dinner companion was La Collins with whom he reportedly had a date earlier this month.

Zac Efron has a reputation for being incredibly close-mouthed about his love life, both past and present. If he and Collins are indeed dating, they won’t be able to keep it a secret forever. And indeed why should they?

In the meantime, what do you think?

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