Zac Efron Eats a Foetus and Likes It?!

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What Zac Efron ate while in the Philippines may turn your stomach. Efron, who has a thing for trying out different cuisines, recounted the experience of eating a duck foetus. The scary thing is, he went back for seconds.

That’s right Efron tried out a snack of duck foetus while in the Philippines. Basically, it was a boiled duck embryo, eaten in the shell. Eating an egg is one thing, but a developed, yet unhatched egg… well that is certainly something else.

Apparently, not only is the Balut (or duck embryo) a delicacy, but it is also apparently an aphrodisiac.

“There was a fully-formed little bird in the egg,” claimed Zac Efron who recounted peeling open the egg, careful not to eat the beak. “It wasn’t that bad. I ate, like, three more that day.”

“There was, like, a hard part with, like, the beak and stuff,” admitted Zac. “I didn’t want to eat that.”

Really, how many people would even have gotten as far as Zac did?

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