Zac Efron Gets New Tattoo While Wearing Ellen DeGeneres’ Undies?

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Photos of Zac Efron getting a new tattoo have emerged. Girls will swoon as the pics show a bare-chested Zac getting inked-up (hardly a surprise). However, some may scratch their heads in Efron’s choice of underwear.

Zac Efron was photographed wearing Ellen DeGeneres’ underwear. Well, not exactly Ellen’s panties, but Ellen-brand boxers. They must have been a gift from Ellen when Zac dropped by her studio for an interview. Perhaps it is good to know that the swag that Mr. Efron received by making an appearance at least gets used and not just tossed into a corner.

So, there it is girls; the 24-year-old “High School Musical” star was getting a new tattoo on his right bicep. He tries to look cool under pressure while biting his tongue from the pain of the needle. At least he has Ellen’s boxers in the place of Superman Underroos to help get him through his third tattoo in about a year.

The question is this… is Zac Efron completely shedding his innocent reputation for more of a bad-boy persona?

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