Zac Efron Reveals His First True Love

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Zac Efron seems to be full of intimate revelations these days. In a recent interview, the High School Musical heart-throb opened up about the identity of his first true love. No, it wasn’t Vanessa Hudgens, or any other famous woman. Zac’s first real romantic crush was on his baby sitter. But alas, she was a teenager paid to watch over Zac and his brothers, and he was just beginning the treacherous journey through puberty. Obviously, their love affair was not meant to be.

“Her name was Brook,” Zac recalls. “I guess she was in high school and I was 12 or younger. I had a really big crush on her. She was really spontaneous and fun. I guess I did have my young love. Me and my brothers did everything to impress her which was ridiculous really.”

Yes, it was pretty ridiculous. But then, look at all the young girls who have had (and continue to have) intense fantasy infatuations with Zac Efron. Selena Gomez once admitted that before she was Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, she used to fantasize about being Zac Efron’s wife. It happens.

Wonder what Brook thinks of her former charge now? Hmm?

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