Zac Efron Romantic Italian Lunch Date with Danny DeVito?

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Zac Efron, who is in Europe promoting his new movie ‘The Lorax,’ was seen out enjoying a romantic Italian lunch! Was Zac wining and dining some hot Italian girl? Nope, it turns out that he was just having lunch with comedian Danny DeVito.

Now before anyone starts in with the ‘Zac Efron is gay’ rumors, DeVito was there with his wife in-tow. This is what happened:

Danny DeVito and Zac were photographed enjoying lunch while visiting Rome, Italy. Of course, Zac, who has access to condoms for life probably had plenty of stores to share with his more ‘mature’ (in age) ‘Lorax’ co-star. Perhaps they discussed the time Zac stalked his baby sitter at the Pearl Jam concert, for instance.

One thing is for sure, Zac Efron should pick a better looking date next time. Surely the girls would line-up to have lunch at an Italian bistro with the ‘High School Musical’ star. At least Danny DeVito had one thing going for him at lunch with Zac, he could translate the menu for him.

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