Zac Efron Spends Time with Eva Longoria

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Zac Efron was seen out this weekend enjoying himself and spending some time with Eva Longoria. How did the two end up at the same place?

This weekend David Beckham had a game for the LA Galaxy. Eva Longoria showed up at the game and was hanging out with Victoria Beckham during the game. She spent time playing with baby Harper Seven Beckham before moving on to talk to another cute person at the game.

She was seen talking to Zac Efron for awhile while he was in the VIP section and watching the game. Zac was wearing a white shirt and red stocking cap. The two looked like they had a great conversation.

Was Eva Longoria flirting or was it just harmless talk? Nothing looked out of the ordinary in the pictures. The two appeared to just be friends having a nice talk at a LA Galaxy game while watching friend David Beckham. What do you think?

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