Zac Efron’s Condom Dropping Mishap Should Be Celebrated!

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Zac Efron’s dropping of a condom on the red carpet of the “Lorax” premiere led to some embarrassed laughter, but should it have? Some say, Efron should have used the moment to do more, by championing condom use!

Becky Allen, who writes a blog for the HIV/Aids resource website, TheBody, took Zac Efron to task this week. Instead of laughing off the fact that Zac dumped a condom on the red carpet of a children’s movie, he should have actually been proud of the moment.

Even his mother should be proud that she brought her high-profile actor, son up to think with the right head when it comes to having safe sex. The embarrassing moment provided a crossroads and an opportunity for Efron—one that he could have, but didn’t seize.

Instead of judging Efron’s sex-life, Allen put forth this idea of how the “High School Musical” star could have handled things:

Maybe just say that hey, yeah, you like having sex — and that when you do it, you do it safely, and every guy out there should, too.

Clearly, Zac Efron had an upbringing that says that he is doing the responsible thing. He is not spreading diseases and he is not getting people pregnant. In a time when plenty of Hollywood celebrities are getting pregnant before getting married, at least Efron is thinking.

So what if he was a little clumsy on the red carpet and dropped the condom he had from his pocket. Sadly, he has been a little awkward and clumsy talking about it afterward. It is okay Zac, you don’t have to be afraid to say the right thing.

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