Zac Hartwell Identified as Ryan Dunn Death Crash Passenger

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Zac Hartwell, a friend of Jackass star Ryan Dunn and a minor actor in several films has been identified as the mystery passenger in the death crash of Dunn’s Porsche early Monday morning near Philadelphia.

The Jackass skull and crossbones (crutches) wearing blue and red 3D glassesPolice were at first unable to ID the remains of the passenger because of the injuries sustained in the horrific wreck. Reports indicated the body was too burned to positively identify. But some web news hounds have come up with Hartwell’s name and it seems to have been confirmed on Bam Margera’s Facebook page.

Margera is a Jackass co-star and long-time friend of Dunn’s. His rock group, CKY, is the unofficial house band for the show and the group has benefited mightily from the association.

Initially, Dunn’s death was met with the usual words of condolences from fans all over the web. But as the day goes on, and more details emerge, there is an outpouring of outrage over the accident.

Many are speculating that Dunn was drunk and driving too fast on the Pennsylvania back road. The resultant fiery crash seems to bear out that theory. Perhaps Dunn was a victim of his own success and was killed performing what he thought was another of his celebrated stunts.

It’s a shame that an innocent person was along for the last ride.

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