Zahra Baker’s Father Adam Baker in Hiding and Under Police Protection

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Zahra Baker’s father Adam Baker is in hiding and is presently under police protection, along with his mother, Zahra’s grandmother, Karen Baker. The two plan to come out in public, however, on Thursday, for Zahra Baker’s memorial service.

According to MSN, Adam Baker and Karen Baker are in hiding under police protection in Hickory, North Carolina. However, they have confirmed that they will be attending Zahra’s memorial service this coming Thursday.

It seems that many locals have threatened Adam Baker and his mother since remains found by investigators were determined to be Zahra’s. Zahra Baker was reported missing in October 9. Her stepmother, Elisa Baker, remains in jail on obstruction of justice charges for having written a bogus ransom note and placing it on her husband’s truck when Zahra was first reported missing.

If Adam Baker truly had nothing to do with Zahra’s death, it is truly sad that he and his mother, who came to Hickory from Australia, have to remain in hiding and under police protection. It makes one wonder when an arrest will be made and if Elisa Baker is the one who will be arrested for killing Zahra.

Adam Baker and Karen Baker have issued a statement to the media, saying they will attend Zahra’s memorial, and that they don’t care whether or not others believe they should or shouldn’t be present as the little girl who battled bone cancer is eulogized.

“This time we’re not going to stay away because people think we should,” Karen Baker was quoted as saying.

Karen Baker also said she and her son Adam wanted to hold an actual funeral for Zahra, but that they could not do so yet because her remains were still being held as part of the investigation. Zahra Baker was murdered and dismembered, and her remains were disposed of in a variety of locations near where her stepmother Elisa Baker once lived. It was Elisa Baker who led detectives to the places where Zahra’s remains as well as her prosthetic leg were discovered.

This case is sickening and macabre. As if killing a child isn’t bad enough, for the killer or his or her cohorts to have dismembered the child’s body just takes “sick” to an entirely new level.

The memorial service for Zahra Baker on Thursday is open to the public because both Adam Baker and his mother understand that the community needs desperately to grieve and seek closure in this horrific case.

No one has yet been charged in the death of Zahra Baker.


Photo Source: MSN

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