Zawahiri’s Brother Offers 9/11 Peace Plan

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Mohamed al-Zawahiri, the younger brother Ayman, is proposing a peace plan between America and al-Qaeda, and announced it to the world on CNN on 9/11.

Why would CNN give a forum to Mohamed, who spent many years in an Egyptian prison for his jihadist activities? The terrorist is offering an olive branch now because al-Qaeda has been decimated during the last decade. The jihadists are hardly in a position to negotiate with the West.

His terms are ridiculous. Among other demands, Mohamed wants America and Europe to release all imprisoned terrorists (including the ones at Guantanamo Bay), and “stop interfering in Muslim education,” whatever that means. Does Zawahiri expect Sharia law to be taught in American schools?

“This is a very tough mission. You have to be logical. If you want to live in peace then you must make others feel that they will live in peace,” he stated. Mohamed brother’s Ayman was Osama bin Laden’s top deputy in al-Qaeda.

Why did al-Zawahiri wait for eleven years after the 9/11 to announce his grand plan to heal the rift between Muslims and the West? What is your opinion?

CNN Interviews Mohamed al Zawahiri

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