Zayn Malik and Niall Horan Cause Ugly Fight on ‘Reality’ Show (Video)

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Zayn Malik and Niall Horan might be members of the same boy band, but that doesn’t mean that their fans equally love them. And sometimes arguments about One Direction can get pretty ugly.

A new webseries titled Real Fangirls of One Direction takes a look at what goes on in the lives of Directioners when they’re not sitting at home obsessively tweeting the guys over and over again; writing Larry Stylinson fanfiction; or screaming their lungs out at a 1D concert. Apparently they drink a lot of dirty martinis and make out with photos of the guys until the singers’ mouths melt off (creepy).

The Real Housewives spoof features a group of five Directioners who are all conveniently crushing on a different member of 1D. You would think that this friendship would be perfect since the girls wouldn’t get in fights over the guys, but just like real housewives, teen girls will always find a way to cause drama.

The spoof video is a bit slow, but it has its funny moments. Zayn Malik’s future wife labels him an “incredible James Dean-like person,” and when she gushes about changing her Tumblr background to a photo of Zayn smoking, one of her pals complains that the future Mrs. Malik changes her background way too often (drama!).

One of the girls asks Niall Horan’s future wife what she’s been up to, she responds by saying, “Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool.” This is a line from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song that 1D often sings at their concerts.

The girls drink One Direction dirty martinis, with one of them telling her pals, “Don’t forget to pop the cherry. That’s the best part.” And when the drinks start flowing, the Directioners enjoy a chat about 1D bromances, or their “super gay relationships.” There seems to be a tense moment when the girls argue over which couple is cuter: Zarry (Zayn and Harry Styles) or Larry Stylinson (Harry and Louis Tomlinson).

But things don’t get really ugly until the girls make fun of Niall for not taking his shirt off in a photo that features the rest of the band topless. The future Mrs. Horan gets in a fight with Zayn’s wannabe wife, making fun of her well-quiffed idol’s love of drawing cartoons. She returns fire by poking fun at Niall for dying his hair blonde. But the night isn’t completely ruined—the girls get to go home and make out with their 1D posters. Sadly there are no dirty books about “prostitution whores,” table tossings, or terrible original songs like in the real Real Housewives shows.

In the video the girls also talk about Directioners (true 1D fans) vs. Directionators (fans who only like “What Makes You Beautiful” and don’t know every little detail of the guys’ lives). Since Zayn’s last name is spelled wrong at the beginning of the video, the poor girls that made it are definitely going to be labeled Directionators.

But you can still check it out to see if they did a good job spoofing rich, middle-aged housewives and obsessive teen girls in the first episode of Real Fangirls of One Direction below.

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