Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards Have Been Dating for Months

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Zayn Malik gave Directioners a shock when he and his rumored ex-girlfriend Perrie Edwards tweeted back and forth about their recent movie date. However, the two have allegedly been dating secretly for months.

They reportedly broke up last December, but according to The Mirror, their split didn’t last very long—a source revealed that the couple has been dating since February and are now ready to make their relationship public.

Since One Direction is on a two-week break, that means Directioners might be subjected to more distressing tweets about Zayn and Perrie’s dates. Since this could be the only time they’ll have together for awhile, they’ll probably make the most of it by going out to dinner and checking out a few more movies. Perrie Edwards tweeted that she thought The Avengers was boring, so maybe she’d prefer something with less action and more romance like Zac Efron’s The Lucky One.

But do Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards make a good match? The way Perrie is already complaining about one of their dates could be seen as a bad sign, but she does have a few things in common with Zayn—they both became stars on The X Factor and are members of pop bands (Perrie is a part of Little Mix, a four-piece girl group that won the eighth season of the show).

But of course their busy schedules could take a toll on their relationship when Zayn’s two weeks off are up—unless Little Mix goes on tour with One Direction next year. But Perrie might prefer not to do this since she’s probably already getting hate messages from jealous Directioners, and her band might get booed off the stage if she really is dating Zayn.

There is some hope for Directioners hoping that the latest report about Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards isn’t true. The source said they’ve been in a relationship since February, but just this month Zayn asked an Australian receptionist out on a date. So perhaps The Mirror‘s insider doesn’t have good information.

What do you think—are Zayn and Perrie really dating?

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