Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards Meet after Cheating Scandal: Did They Break Up?

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Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have pulled a Jelena by meeting up for crisis talks. So will the Zerrie relationship conference lead to a breakup?

Trying to work things out didn’t work out for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber after rumors spread that he was cheating on her with Barbara Palvin, but right now it’s looking like Zayn will be forgiven for his tryst with Australian waitress Courtney Webb.

Perrie is either extremely forgiving or the One Direction singer must be quite the smooth talker—this isn’t the first time he’s gotten off the hook after being accused of cheating. There’s video and audio evidence of Zayn trying to get girls to get with him in his hotel room that seems like it could be the real deal. Courtney Webb also provided evidence of her one-night stand in the form of a photograph of Zayn sleeping.

Zayn rushed to get back to the UK to meet with Perrie as soon as he found out about the cheating reports. The couple discussed matters at a hotel and were seen leaving around midday.

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards haven’t revealed if their meeting led to a breakup, but a source close to the couple told The Sun that Perrie will probably forgive Zayn yet again because she’s “deeply in love” with him.

“The fact that they are physically together speaks volumes,” the source divulged. “It looks like she’s willing to give him a second chance. Her friends and bandmates know she’s head-over-heels in love with him. But she’ll certainly be keeping a closer eye on him after this incident.”

Unfortunately it will be impossible for Perrie to keep close tabs on Zayn unless the tabloids help her out by finding other girls with evidence that he’s a cheat. One Direction and Perrie’s band Little Mix both travel a lot, which means Perrie and Zayn aren’t even in the same country a lot of the time.

So basically Perrie is more like Robert Pattinson than Selena Gomez—she’s going to forgive Zayn and try to learn to trust him again. However, it’s looking more and more like Zayn wants to have groupies and a girl to come home to, and Perrie’s going to have to decide if she can accept this or if she respects herself enough to move on.

Or maybe Zayn just need to quit trying to convince Perrie and the rest of the world that he’s a great boyfriend—perhaps he should come clean; apologize to Perrie publicly; and just admit that he’s not ready for a serious relationship.

So do you believe that Zerrie will stay together?

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