Zayn Malik Caught Cheating on Perrie Edwards in Hotel Video?

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Zayn Malik is probably hoping that his girlfriend Perrie Edwards didn’t try to find out why his name was trending on Twitter recently – it looks like he was caught trying to cheat on her with a fan at a hotel. Even worse, there’s video of the incident.

The video was taken at the end of One Direction’s American tour, and it has fans completely freaking out. The footage was taken by a girl watching Zayn through a hotel room keyhole, so it’s hard to see the people out in the hall. However, it looks like Zayn, a bodyguard, and a blonde girl are having an altercation as Zayn tries to take her back to his room.

Zayn sounds a bit drunk, and the bodyguard seems to be trying to keep the lad from doing something that he might regret in the morning – he tells the girl to leave. It’s also possible that the bodyguard was shooing the blonde away because she looks like she might be underage, and apparently Zayn was concerned about this, too – as the girl walks away, this is what he yells out to her:

“Listen, wait about half an hour and come to my room. These old… go to sleep in half an hour. I wanna know how old you are.”

Zayn Malik’s fans have mixed feelings about the One Direction singer’s actions, which likely took place while he was dating Perrie Edwards – it is possible that the couple temporarily split up at some point and Zayn was just taking advantage of being single again. Or maybe he was just drunk and trying to take advantage of being a member of one of the biggest boy bands in the world. According to Directioners on Twitter, he’s lost a lot of followers, so obviously a lot of his fans are upset about the thought of their idol cheating on his girlfriend.

However, quite a few of them have been quick to defend him even if he was trying to cheat. Here’s a sampling of some of the tweets about the video:

“If you unfollowed Zayn because of all this bullsh*t CONGRATS nobody cares, and you just boosted up my chance of getting noticed. So thanks x”

“New goal in life: Have a friend get Zayn drunk, then I’ll meet him in a hotel corridor and he’ll invite me in his hotel room in half an hour”

It’s a little sad that fans are so accepting of Zayn cheating, and even sadder that some of them would trade places with the fan that was about to become a one-night stand.

So it looks like this video could be to Directioners what those photos of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders were to Twihards. Since Kristen is obviously fine with cheating and likes English accents, perhaps she should quit worrying about holding on to Robert Pattinson and start pursuing Zayn instead – he might be single soon if Perrie Edwards sees the footage of Zayn behaving badly.

So do you think that Zayn and Kristen Stewart would make the perfect couple?

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