Zayn Malik Got Dumped Via Text

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Zayn Malik got dumped via text message! But don’t get too excited, Directioners—Perrie Edwards wasn’t the one doing the dumping.

It’s kind of hard to believe that Zayn’s ever been dumped before since he’s currently considered one of the hottest guys in the world, but perhaps the girl that broke his heart did it before he became a member of a beloved boy band. If she did, she probably regrets letting go of the One Direction hottie now.

According to Hollywood Life, here’s what Zayn said about getting dumped:

“I’ve been text dumped before! I was dating her for a couple of months.”

A couple of months is a really long time in teen years, so the girl dating Zayn Malik certainly should have told him that she was ending things in person. Breaking up with someone via text is extremely disrespectful, cruel, and cowardly, so obviously Zayn is better off without the girl that did it to him. But who knows? Maybe he actually owes her a thanks—without her terrible text, he might not have ever met Perrie Edwards. Plus now he has the pleasure of knowing that the girl that broke up with him has to be kicking herself. Success is the best revenge.

Directioners are probably going to have fun guessing which one of Zayn Malik’s ex-girlfriends was mean enough to break up with him via text message. The X Factor contestants Rebecca Ferguson and Geneva Lane dated him for a few months, and he’s also been in a relationship with actress Stephanie Davis.

So do you think that it’s wrong to break up with someone via text, and which of Zayn’s ex-girlfriends do you think dumped him in such a manner?

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