Zayn Malik has a Crush on Katy Perry

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Zayn Malik is the latest One Direction singer to reveal a crush on a celebrity. So would he have a chance at winning Katy Perry’s heart?

Harry Styles has revealed that he’s got a thing for Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, but so far he’s had no luck winning over either of his celebrity crushes. So even though he and Zayn are a part of the biggest boy band in the world right now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every girl out there is dying to date them.

But maybe Zayn will have a chance to put the moves on Katy someday. Here’s what he told MTV Australia about his feelings for the pop star:

“I really fancy Katy Perry! She’s beautiful.”

Louis Tomlinson also dished that One Direction would love to do a duet with Katy, so maybe they can use the major pop power they’ve got right now to make the collaboration happen. Katy was spotted rocking out to the band at the Kids’ Choice Awards, and she shares a special connection with Niall Horan—she once played a part in his fate by voting him through on The X Factor. So Niall better put that Irish charm of his to work to get his old pal onboard.

If the group did collaborate with Katy Perry, it would give Zayn Malik a little time to win her over and ask her on a date. Katy’s kind of in rebound mode, so he might have a chance. She does obviously have a thing for dark-haired guys after dating Russell Brand and being linked to Florence and the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd and male model Baptiste Giabiconi, who rocks a hairdo very similar to Zayn’s. She might also fall for Zayn because he’s the bad boy of the group with his collection of tattoos (Ackroyd is also inked up).

Russell Brand has been spotted with a few different other women since he and Katy divorced, and it’s probably very likely that they’ve all been younger than him. So if Katy is trying to make her ex jealous through her own conquests, why not try dating a younger guy who is currently one of the biggest, most-desired stars in the world? The 27-year-old “Teenage Dream” singer might be almost a decade older than 19-year-old Zayn Malik, but she seems like a teenager at heart. Of course, Directioners would probably be furious if she dated Zayn for revenge (then again, they’d probably be furious if she dated him for any reason at all).

So what do you think, would Katy consider dating Zayn?

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