Zayn Malik Hates Fame and Getting Strange Looks!

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Zayn Malik clearly hates fame… or at least the price of fame. Why else would the One Direction star be so openly upset about not getting to jump into a kid’ playhouse in public anymore?

It is clear that Zayn is finally understanding that being famous comes at a price. Of course, if the price is this bad, then it really is not too bad is it. The thing is, being famous is keeping him from doing stupid things in public and being noticed by fans.

“The fact that you could literally go anywhere, say anything and no one will judge you for it,” complains Malik. “Now, if I was seen going to do something stupid like go to a kids’ playhouse or something to be childish, people would look at me strangely.”

Zayn Malik wants to jump in a bounce house full of colorful plastic balls and not be looked at like he’s an idiot! Seriously, if this was such a concern for Zayn, he can afford to buy one for his own house to play in at his heart’s content. Zayn won’t get any strange looks that way, now will he!

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