Zayn Malik Injured Trying to Impress Perrie Edwards?

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Zayn Malik is the latest member of One Direction to suffer an injury.

Liam Payne recently hurt his toe after dropping his MacBook Pro on it; Niall Horan sliced his finger on the band’s bus; and now Zayn has sprained his wrist (cue inappropriate joke). So it almost makes you wonder if The Wanted have put some kind of curse on their boy band rivals.

Directioners will be sad to know that Zayn got injured trying to make himself look better. Fans might think that the singer is beautiful just the way he is, but apparently he’s been trying to buff up a bit lately – he sprained his wrist while working out and had to suffer through performing with the injury in Las Vegas.

Perhaps Zayn Malik been hitting the gym in an effort to impress girlfriend Perrie Edwards. He doesn’t seem like the athletic type that enjoys lifting weights (that would be Taylor Lautner wannabe Liam Payne). Instead, Zayn seems like the kind of guy who thinks that the best way to improve his body is by getting new tattoos.

Of course working out is certainly not a bad thing – it’s important for Zayn and the rest of One Direction to stay healthy and keep their stamina up so that they can keep up with their grueling tour schedule. However, perhaps Zayn has just started working out and took on more than his body can handle.

Zayn Malik might be using working out as a way to keep his mind off of how much he misses Perrie Edwards – it’s got to be hard not getting to see her while One Direction travels, and it’s probably better that he keeps himself preoccupied instead of sitting around and brooding about being so far away from his girl.

So now that Zayn has gotten injured, Directioners might want to start praying for Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson – after all, concussions do seem to be going around these days with Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga both hitting their heads.

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