Zayn Malik Leaves Something Behind In Sydney, Now You Can Own It!

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Zayn Malik, like the rest of One Direction, seems to be a very popular commodity; so therefore, anything that he touches or eats or uses also becomes popular…and valuable. So imagine a dirty towel sitting in a basket with Zayn’s sweat on it — would you want it?

Well, if your answer is yes, then here’s your chance!

Apparently, a cleaning company in Sydney got a hold of Zayn’s towel after he came in from a workout and is now selling it on Ebay. How you can be sure you’re getting this amazingly personal piece of material remains to be seen, but at least you can assume that Zayn Malik really used it and this isn’t some big scam.

Here’s how the towel is described in the auction details:

“After his run, Zayn used this towel, which he brought down from his room, to wipe down his body, before leaving it in the change room on his way out. I managed to grab the towel and put it in a plastic bag, as seen in the photo above. This is a genuine, definitive piece of One Direction material. A once in a lifetime opportunity to own something that has been so personally used by a member of One Direction.”

There’s even a photo of a dirty towel in a basket (rather disgusting, but maybe teen girls will find it sexy) and guess what? It’s currently only going for $14.50 Australian dollars! That’s quite a steal, if Zayn Malik really did wipe his sweaty body on it!

Will you be bidding on Zayn’s towel or do you think it’s a hoax and he didn’t really use it?

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