Zayn Malik Not Recording with the Rest of One Direction?

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Zayn Malik was mysteriously absent from a recent One Direction recording session. So was Perez Hilton right about 1D losing its bad boy?

The blogger recently speculated that Zayn would be the first member of the band to quit or get kicked out of the group basically because he wore a T-shirt with the F-word and is a rather emotional guy (his band mates have poked fun at him for being moody in the past).

And now because of his comment, some fans are probably freaking out—Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan were all spotted going to the studio to start recording One Direction’s new album while Zayn was nowhere to be seen.

Hopeful Directioners are speculating that Zayn Malik might just be spending time with his girlfriend Perrie Edwards.

It’s possible that the guys will each rotate taking a day off while recording—after all, they just got back from a tiring tour and haven’t had very much time to relax. Zayn could also be sick or taking a day off to deal with a personal issue. Hopefully he’s not at home heartbroken because he and Perrie Edwards broke up or something.

Even though there’s been talk about Zayn being the most unpopular member of One Direction, it would be insane for him to get kicked out of the band simply for throwing a typical teenage tantrum every now and then—many Directioners consider him the cutest member of 1D and love him for his tattoos and somewhat shy personality, so there would probably be a few fans that would band together to boycott the boy band if he got axed.

Zayn Malik has had to deal with some tough stuff since touring with 1D—he’s been criticized for being Muslim and has had to work hard to get over his shyness. And it’s probably pretty tough to find yourself suddenly bestowed with the incredible power to make girls pass out. But it’s really hard to imagine any member of One Direction quitting right now since the band is so successful—by now most boy band members know just how fleeting fame can be and want to fight to keep their fans. There just doesn’t seem to be any valid reason for Zayn to walk away. And no, Perrie Edwards doesn’t seem like One Direction’s Yoko Ono.

So are you worried about Zayn leaving the band?

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