Zayn Malik: One Direction Star’s Rebecca Ferguson Regrets Revealed!

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Zayn Malik has few regrets in his life. The One Direction star, however, does regret how his relationship with Rebecca Ferguson ended.

Clearly, Zayn wasn’t very graceful when he dumped Ferguson, whom he met during his time on “X Factor.”

“It was just a weird situation and a weird time I was going through being away from home on the X Factor tour,” claims Malik. “To get that comfort and friendship from someone was nice.”

Okay, that doesn’t sound too bad. So what’s the problem. Zayn Malik got a new friend, right? Wrong! It sounds like hooking-up with a girl while on tour turned out to be a messy situation. Now he regrets even starting something with Ferguson.

“It was just a wrong idea from the start,” explained Zayn in a recent interview. “It shouldn’t have happened. It did. And then we dealt with it and went our separate ways.”

It sure is nice to know that the One Direction star treats all of his exes with such great respect. Nothing says immature like saying that he regrets getting into a relationship in the first place. Perhaps he should have just stayed mum on the topic of Rebecca Ferguson, instead of revealing to the world his regrets!

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