Zayn Malik Reveals the Embarrassing Band Name Liam Payne Came Up With

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Zayn Malik recently revealed the name Liam Payne came up with for their band, and it’s pretty bad.

One Direction was formed on The X Factor when singers Zayn, Liam, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan were put together to compete as a boy band instead of separately. They magically meshed together and became besties fairly fast, but one of the new challenges they faced as a group was coming up with a name.

During an interview with HOT 97.5 in Phoenix, Zayn and Louis talked about how the guys came up with their band name. They revealed that Harry came up with One Direction, and everyone in the band immediately fell in love with it. However, they definitely came up with a few atrocious ideas before Hazza was inspired to come up with their much-admired moniker. Here’s what Zayn Malik said when asked what some of the other names that the band came up with were:

“Some really embarrassing ones that Liam came up with. What was the one? USP – Unique Selling Point.”

That is pretty terrible – being in a boy band isn’t exactly a unique selling point (although being formed on The X Factor sort of is).

But it’s kind of not fair that Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik chose one of Liam Payne’s awful band names since he wasn’t there to defend himself and point out that Ziam also came up with a few stinkers.

During the interview the guys also talked about British slang like “fit,” as in “The One Direction guys are all extremely fit;” and “bird,” as in “Perrie Edwards is Zayn’s bird.”

You can listen to their interview below. So would you love 1D just as much if their name was USP, and do you think that Harry Styles helped the guys gain popularity by coming up with a better band name?

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