Zayn Malik Sings Drake; Liam Payne Talks About Peeing on Himself (Video)

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Zayn Malik probably made some Directioners just a little more jealous of Perrie Edwards during the band’s Twitter portion of their San Jose concert, and they probably felt pretty bit bad for Liam Payne after the embarrassing tale he told.

Singer Drake has been getting a lot of negative attention recently because of an altercation with Chris Brown – Drizzy may or may not have hit Breezy with a bottle after they had an exchange involving Rihanna. But who needs Drake when a drama-free guy like Zayn can sing his songs just as well?

One Direction was asked to sing one of Drizzy’s tunes via a Directioner’s tweet, and of course the guys all turned to Zayn Malik to fulfill the fan’s request. He decided to sing “Shot for Me” with a little help from Niall Horan. Harry Styles added some backup vocals; Liam Payne beatboxed; Louis Tomlinson danced; and the result is certainly swoon-worthy.

The guys also were asked to do their SNL dance. When they appeared on the show a few months ago, they played Sofia Vergara’s sons Miguelito, Martito, Carlito, Pepito, and Dick. They got to do a silly little dance when they took the stage, and Directioners definitely haven’t forgotten it (and neither have the guys, apparently).

One Direction got a really tough question when they were asked to reveal an embarrassing childhood memory. Fortunately for the rest of the guys, Daddy Direction Liam Payne decided to tell his humiliating story.

He said that he and his family visited some friends in Florida when he was younger, and there was a much older girl that he really fancied. He thought he was one lucky lad when he got to spend some time alone with her, but then Liam revealed this mortifying moment: “She tickled me, and I wet myself.” Luckily Liam handles himself a little better around the ladies these days.

You can check out Zayn Malik singing “Shot for Me” with his mates in the video below. The longer second video also features Liam telling his terrible tale, the SNL dance, and the band singing The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.

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