Zayn Malik’s Dad, Yaser Malik, Content After Calling Debbie Schlussel a ‘B—-‘

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Zayn Malik’s dad, Yaser Malik, made waves when he lashed out at right wing blogger and self proclaimed journalist Debbie Schlussel by calling her a “dumb b—-” on Twitter. Yaser doesn’t have the nearly 4 million followers Zayn does but he does have over 11,000 followers which is plenty by anyone’s standards. It’s no surprise that media picked up on the comment immediately. The tweet has since been removed but the damage is done and the stories have been written.

Music - Pop Posters: One Direction - Zayn - 35.7x23.8 inchesFor those of you who don’t know, Schlussel blogged for parents to keep their “mindless girls” away from Zayn Malik and One Direction after she saw a photo of the 19-year-old singer wearing a keffiyeh scarf around his neck. Schlussel even went so far as to accuse Malik of “pimping Islam.” Angry fans dismissed the blogger by letting Malik know they still supported him. Yaser took a different approach to supporting his son. He was obviously feeling the emotions of an offended father.

Yaser attacked Schlussel by tweeting, “Debbie the racist b—-.” He later added, “Oh, so your [sic] the dumb b—- who’s giving my son grief?!”

Some fans were shocked to see Yaser’s venom-filled tweets but other fans were elated at what he’d written. It’s been a few days since the tweet and while most PR reps would have told Yaser to lay low, he hasn’t. Yaser’s Twitter account has been extremely active in the days since his rant. He’s retweeted loving messages aimed at his son and addressed questions from fans tweeted to the hashtag “AskDaddyMalik.”

Yaser’s busy Twitter account shows he been quite content with life and that Debbie Schlussel and her wild accusations are now the last thing on his mind. If Twitter allowed normal people a peek into the minds of their tweeters, you would see that Yaser’s one proud and happy papa.

Yaser has even been tweeting inspirational messages. The latest being, “Use everyday as an opportunity to make tomorrow even better.”

Unlike his father, Zayn’s mother, Tricia, has remained off of Twitter since news of Schlussel’s claims hit the Internet. Tricia’s account hasn’t been tweeted from since June 17th and she hasn’t officially addressed Schlussel’s allegations either. Obviously both Yaser and Tricia Malik love their son. However, their approaches to supporting Zayn Malik, at least online, has been very different. Either way, Zayn must surely appreciate them both.

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