Zayn Malik’s Girlfriend Perrie Edwards Isn’t Exciting Enough? His TwitCam Problems Continue

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One Direction’s Zayn Malik’s been suffering from boredom this past week. Apparently Zayn’s long chats with his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards, haven’t been enough to ward off boredom. In an attempt to entertain himself, the singer tried to do a live session with his TwitCam. Unfortunately, his Twitcam has been causing him all sorts of problems. Now, he’s resorted to asking fans for help.

Music - Pop Posters: One Direction - Zayn - 35.7x23.8 inchesMalik may be an amazing singer and an incredible heartthrob, but he’s no techie. A few days ago, Malik tweeted, “Actually might do a twit cam I’m bored ? X”

A week later, Malik was still battling with his faulty TwitCam. He finally resorted to asking his Twitter followers for help, though there were no truly helpful replies.

He later tweeted, “its saying trouble loading page again ill try sort this out for you guys i promise :) x”

There’s been no response since, but you can be sure Zayn Malik will be back to tinkering on his TwitCam once he’s done with whatever he’s doing. Maybe he should turn to one of his band mates for help or he can always try asking his girlfriend. Then again, Perrie Edwards probably won’t be much help in that department.

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