Zayn Malik’s Girlfriend Perrie Edwards Slams Jealous One Direction Fans

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Zayn Malik’s girlfriend Perrie Edwards has faced an uphill battle with One Direction fans ever since she became Zayn’s significant other. Jealous bloodthirsty fans are just waiting for Perrie and the other 1D girlfriends to make a mistake because to them, it proves the girls aren’t worthy. Ha! Like an obsessive deranged fan is a better match for Zayn or the others.

Music - Pop Posters: One Direction - Zayn - 35.7x23.8 inchesEdwards and her Little Mix bandmates were doing some alphabet fun on Pinterest by listing their favorite things in Alphabetical order. Zayn was chosen for his ‘Z.’ However, either Perry or one of the other girls ended Zayn’s name with an e. There was a sizeable uproar amongst fans because of the error.

Haters began flooding Perry’s Twitter account with cruel comments. The young songstress quickly addressed by tweeting, “Just to clarify. The alphabet was typed up wrong after we wrote it on paper. I am aware of how to spell my own boyfriends name :) Perrie <3.”

However, that wasn’t good enough for haters because they continued to trash Perry. She was forced to address the hate by tweeting, “Just to make it clear one more time, I know how to spell my own boyfriends name, no need for the hate <3″

It’s a sad world when a person, even if it is a celebrity, can’t make a little mistake without being harshly trashed over it. The Internet has created a world where ordinary people feel empowered by its anonymity. People who would normally say nothing have been turned into cold-hearted cowards. It’s pretty sad and pathetic.

In the end, being a One Direction girlfriend isn’t easy but someone’s gotta do it. Jealous fans will just have to hide out behind their computer screens mocking everyone and everything. Meanwhile Zayn Malik and his girlfriend Perrie Edwards will be enjoying kisses and each other’s company.

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