Zayn Malik’s Girlfriend Perrie Edwards Talks About What Makes Their Relationship So Great

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Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards seem to be doing great, and Perrie has revealed the secret to what makes their relationship work. But unfortunately her secret probably won’t help many One Direction fans win a date with Zayn if “Zerrie” were to ever break up.

That’s because Perrie believes that what makes her relationship with Zayn so beautiful is that she is also in a band. The Little Mix singer and Zayn have their music careers in common, so they both understand how hectic being a performer can be. Other girls might get upset about their boyfriend having to travel a lot, and perhaps they’d get a little jealous of the attention he gets from fans and the press. However, Perrie Edwards knows what Zayn Malik’s world is like, so she has a much easier time accepting it. According to NOW Magazine, here’s what she said about dating Zayn:

“I’m really happy. When you both do the same kind of thing, there’s more understanding because you both get it… and it’s more exciting when you see each other.”

It also sounds like Perrie really enjoys getting to see Zayn after he’s been away for a while—meeting up after weeks apart is probably a lot like falling in love over and over again (absence does make the heart grow fonder in some relationships).

Unfortunately too much time apart can eventually take its toll on a relationship by making couples grow apart—just look at Katy Perry and Russell Brand. A girlfriend or boyfriend might start looking to other people for comfort when they’re feeling lonely, and this certainly isn’t healthy for a relationship.

But for now Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik seem pretty happy with their arrangement, so perhaps they’ll make it work—after all, Jay-Z and Beyonce are two of the music industry’s busiest stars, and look at how happy they are.

So do you think that Zerrie will be around for a long time, or will Perrie and Zayn’s busy careers eventually make them decide to break up?

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