Zayn Malik’s Home a Shrine, Thanks to His Mother

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Zayn Malik’s mom has apparently turned his childhood home into a shrine of sorts since he hit the big time with One Direction. There are photos of Zayn everywhere.

According to a report from the Daily Star, Patricia Malik has gone a bit crazy covering things inside the family home with pictures of the One Direction star.

Profile Picture“Zayn’s mum has an enormous clock with his face as the background on their mantelpiece,” a source says.

It gets worse, too.

“He’s a hero in that house and there are Zayn teatowels and pictures of him all over the place,” the source explains. “In some ways it’s really sweet, but in others it’s a bit over the top. He lives in London and is touring all the time so she misses her boy like crazy.”

And that’s where Zayn Malik’s mother’s obsession goes off the deep end.

“She texts him to say goodnight and sleep well every night,” the source says, and most mothers can understand that. But you still haven’t heard it all.

“She loves to do his washing, and if he doesn’t come back up to the family home in Bradford, she’ll drive down to his place in north London and look after him,” the source says.

That could get uncomfortable, too, since Zayn is in the throes of young love with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards. His mother wouldn’t want to interrupt—um, well, you know—anything, right?

Is it time for Zayn Malik to speak up and insist to his mother that he is certainly capable of caring for himself, and that maybe not so many pictures of him are necessary in the family home? Or has this poor woman already gone too far? Maybe nothing Zayn or anyone else can say will convince her to do things differently. Do you think Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson’s mothers go to these extremes, too?

Maybe an intervention is needed to help Zayn’s mother cut those proverbial apron strings! Or perhaps it’s simply an overwhelming case of strong maternal pride.

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