Zayn Malik’s Relationship with Perrie Edwards Causing Problems for Danielle Peazer?

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Zayn Malik’s relationship with Perrie Edwards is really upsetting some Directioners.

Zayn has already talked about dating Perrie and been spotted kissing her, so fans can no longer deny that they’re together. And it’s probably frustrating some Directioners that there’s not much they can do to try to split the couple up – Perrie doesn’t have her own Twitter account anymore, so she doesn’t have to worry about getting attacked by fans on the social networking site.

However, some fans aren’t content to just sit around waiting for Zayn and Perrie to break up, and one Directioners found a way to cause a little drama – by trying to turn One Direction girlfriends against each other.

Liam Payne’s girlfriend Danielle Peazer knows all too well how distraught Directioners can get whenever one of the guys start dating someone – she has gotten death threats from angry fans in the past. However, she probably thought it was really bizarre when one Directioner suggested that she had claimed that Perrie Edwards was only dating Zayn Malik for popularity.

If Danielle Peazer had said such a thing, she and Perrie certainly would not become BFFs anytime soon. Luckily Danielle gets along great with another 1D girlfriend, Louis Tomlinson’s ladylove Eleanor Calder. However, she says that she hasn’t even met Perrie.

So since Perrie Edwards hasn’t become pals with Danielle Peazer and Eleanor Calder yet, perhaps that’s why the One Direction fan thought that they could get away with accusing Danielle of starting a nasty rumor about Zayn Malik’s girlfriend. But according to Now Magazine, this is Danielle’s tweet in response to the claim:

“I’ve never said anything like that and never would! Xx.”

Danielle seems like a really sweet girl, so it’s really got to hurt that she was accused of talking trash about Perrie. And being the girlfriend of Liam Payne, she knows just how badly rumors and hateful words can sting. So who knows? Maybe this incident will lead to her reaching out to Perrie so that she can have someone to commiserate with. And if Perrie becomes pals with Danielle and Eleanor, Directioners should really start to be worried – they know all the secrets about how to make a relationship with a One Direction star work.

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