Zayn Malik’s Trying Hard to be Social

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The One Direction guys are super good about being in constant contact with fans via Twitter—that is, with the exception of Zayn Malik. Zayn, thought of as the “prettiest” 1D member (according to Harry Styles, anyway), has recently been criticized for not using social media enough. It’s been said that Malik is the least popular of the five guys, and all because he has a tendency to be absent from Twitter.

It seems like word may have gotten back to Zayn that he’d better start tweeting more, like the rest of the guys (Niall Horan and Harry are probably the most active of all the guys on Twitter), because Zayn has definitely been much more consistent in his tweeting and interacting with fans. Whereas Zayn used to tweet only once or twice every few weeks, a quick look at his Twitter page reveals that Malik is now tweeting practically every other day. There is no doubt that Directioners are happy to see Zayn getting more involved, now tweeting multiple times in a single day.

Zayn Malik is definitely trying hard, making all kinds of small talk with his fans, much like Liam Payne and Niall do, asking how they are and what they’ve been up to, and even just saying goodnight.

Are you happy to be seeing more of Zayn on Twitter, or do you think he’s forcing it and trying too hard?

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