Zeo Sleep Monitor–For the Sleep Deprived [video]

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It’s not how much sleep, but what kind of sleep, and the Zeo sleep monitor, seen on the Today Show helps you resolve those issues.  People spend 1/3 of their lives sleeping, and rarely get amount they need to function properly. Three students from Brown University created the Zeo sleep monitor, by doing sleep studies, recruiting classmates to be tested.  They spent hours doing high tech research; and now, 4 years later, have created the worlds first at-home sleep coach the Zeo sleep monitor.

How it works: the Zeo measures your brainwaves, using electrical signals that are naturally produced by your brain that represent what sleep stage you are in.  It is a headband that you wear to sleep which collects data, when you wake up the machine gives you a Z score–a measure of your sleep no matter how good or how bad.

Experts say that the Zeo could help, by letting people know what kind of sleep they are getting.  Although it should not be used to diagnosed sleep disorders.  It will help you realize what you may be doing the night before that disables you from getting the appropriate REM sleep–like alcohol, sleeping pills, etc.  This data then enables you to fix your sleep habits–whether it means going to be early, not having the nightcap etc.  Check out this clip about the Zeo sleep monitor from the Today show on nbc.

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