Zimmerman Persecuted, Not Prosecuted in Trayvon Martin Case

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The politically motivated persecution of George Zimmerman continued yesterday as the man at the center of the Trayvon Martin shooting was ordered to return to jail. Florida judge Kenneth Lester, in a move which appears designed to appease those on the left, ordered the defendant back to jail over a financial technicality. Prosecutors, who also seem to be bowing to political pressure from the left, claimed that the defendant lied when he told the judge that his financial resources were limited, and that the shooter of Trayvon Martin had collected more than $130,000 through a website created to fund his legal defense.

Lawyers for the defense are expected to demonstrate basic contract law when they explain how money raised through an independent trust cannot be accessed by the defendant directly, and therefore, not directly his money. However, it is not known whether the judge will grant a new bond hearing. Mark O’Mara, attorney for the defense, commented on this stating “He is in custody now. He’s going to remain there until we get back before Judge Lester if and when he grants us a bond hearing.” It is clear that defense attorneys do not know whether the judge will even grant another hearing, or if he will bow to political pressure to keep the defendant in jail.

But this blatant attempt by both the prosecution and the judge show how politics often seeps into the courtroom, a place where those within the system claim that justice is blind. In the case of George Zimmerman, it seems that justice is blind to the fact that a person is innocent until proven guilty, not guilty because a screaming mob says so. And it is a public opinion that is created and directed through the prism of a left-wing media. The moment a young African-American man was shot and killed by an older white man, the narrative was set. The media picked it up and ran with it, and it did not matter that the defendant was actually Hispanic, he was an old white man who murdered a black youth.

And this narrative was just what those on the left wanted to hear, the kind of rhetoric that they could then use to create a frenzy of racial tension within the African-American community. And it seems that a justice system that is blind to political pressure has at least heard the shrieks of anger from the mob on the street and responded to it. In what many call a “political hack job,” the defendant is once again having his rights trampled on to appease the ferocious mob. In such an atmosphere, it is only natural to ask, can he receive a fair trial? If the actions of the judge in granting the request made by the prosecution to revoke the defendant’s bail over their inability to understand basic financial law is any sign of the future, George Zimmerman may be in real trouble.

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