Zombie Pop Culture? Or is the Zombie Apocalypse already here?

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What is it about Zombies these days? I thought vampires were bad. What so intrigues us about them. We write books about them, screen plays, make clubs, and virtually use any other source of media to put them in the lime light of culture. They are a flesh eating pop culture. Is it a self fulfilling prophecy? Are we so fed up with society that we want these mindless flesh eaters to take over the world? We are so intrigued by a being that lacks any human emotion, and is consumed by only one thing. Consuming. Hey wait… I just described everyone I once saw at an apple store, talk about mindless culture! Can we relate with these things cause we are all mindless consuming zombies?

It seems that as of late, we have been consumed by the zombie culture. More books, movies, and zombie toys have been made in the last decade then ever before. The zombie culture has gone way past Dawn of the Dead.

I feel the need to create a zombie timeline to watch the progression of these gross mindless idiots (talking bout zombies, not apple consumers) and how they took over the scene. And possibly in the future…. they will take over the world. As you will see at the end of this blog post…. bwahahaha!

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No room in hell? I’d say no room for the old school zombie.

Night of the Living Dead (1968) Zombies jump on the scene. Some people board up an old abandon farm house to protect them against the horde of Undead, and George Romero becomes the god father of the zombie world. No other directer has rode the zombie pop culture like Romero.

Dawn of the Dead (1978) George strikes again. This time he had a bigger budget. Much like the Night of the Living Dead, the heroes find a place to hole up. They pick a shopping mall. Where do you think mindless zombies are gonna go? They go to the mall! Guess the Undead like a slushy from the food court, and a nice pair of slacks just like their alive counterparts.


Started as a wee little video game, became a top grossing hit.

Skip countless remakes of the dawn of the dead series, and go straight to 2002, and in walksResident Evil. Inspired by a 1996 scary ass video game. This game, and movie have become one of the biggest Zombie franchises on the planet. With books, video games, movies, and websites dedicated to the game and movies. Talk about zombie pop culture mega hit! See also 28 days later.




Most recently you have Zombieland (2009) This spoof on how to survive a Zombie apocalypse is my favorite. Woody Harrelson alone is worth the watch.


Books and comics with the subject of zombies have been around since 50s Sci-Fi. But recently in the last decade, the books have taken on a cool new twist. These books have actually tried to convince you that the zombie apocalypse isn’t just a thing of fantasy.

Read with limited light, in the dead of night.

World War Z is a book that reads like a first hand account of the zombie apocalypse. And asks, What are you doing for your country, against the zombie horde? Its a great book to read with the lights off, while you are alone, snug in your bed.

Its counterpartThe zombie survival guide. Gives you a checklist that you can grade yourself on. It asks, are you ready? Will you survive?




I think Jane would be proud!

The most entertaining book to bust onto the pop culture scene of late is Pride prejudice, and Zombies. Ah yes. Even the classics are not safe from zombie pop culture aggressive take over. Jane Austin would be proud I think. It’s Zombie romance on the English countryside. There is even a prequel to this book calledPride prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls

Zombies: A record of the year of infection is about a man who’s a bird watcher, writing in his journal about the zombie apocalypse. Sounds like a flesh eating scourcher!


I figured I could lump Zombie Music, Zombie Walks, and Zombie memorabilia Into this one subject I call Zombie Pop Culture.

Well as far as music goes, the first band that pops into my head is White Zombie…. DUH! Front man Rob Zombie has made Zombie music, wrote Zombie Comic books, and made Zombie apparel. If George Romero is the Zombie apocalypse god father, then Rob Zombie is the crown prince. No one in music better describes zombie culture in his music than Mr. Zombie. Don’t believe me? Check out The video for Living Dead girl.


Maybe I’m grasping for straws on this one, but “Zombie” by The Cranberries may not be about flesh eaters, but it is about the destroying of flesh…. Not gonna get political here. Just go listen to the song, and make your own decision.

Hit it in the head!

As far as websites go.. Go check outZombie Combat Club. At this website you will be taught how to defend yourself from being consumed. See also google.com where all you really have to do is type in zombie, and about a gazillion websites will pop up.

Last but not leas,t let’s explore the new fad called the Zombie Walk. The first ever documented Zombie Walk happened in Sacramento CA in 2001. Originally called the Zombie Parade by originator Bryna Lovig to promote The Trash film Orgy’s film festival. It has since become an annual event.

But Zombie Walks are not just about shameless promotion. In October of 2006, almost 1000 Zombie Walkers gathered outside the Monroeville mall where you guessed it George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead was filmed. This time it was not for a movie. But a charity event for The Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank… OH THE IRONY! I guess mindless flesh eating zombies may lack a brain…. but not a heart… I’m faklempt…. talk amongst yourselves for a moment.


So you have read all about the zombie movies, music, books, and other swag that you can  watch and purchase, but did you know that a reanimated corpse isn’t really all that far fetched? So without further ado I give you five zombie like diseases that if combined could create the zombie apocalypse!! I did not add pictures. You can seek those out by yourself. I did… And then I skipped dinner..

1) Sleeping Sickness (African trypanosomiasis): Is a parasite transmitted by the tsetse fly. There are two stages to this disease. The first stage brings on headaches, sore joints, and itching. The second stage, the parasite brings on bouts of night time insomnia, and daytime slumber. Disruption of the sleep cycle brings on manic periods, reduced cordination, and confusion. This is followed by coma and death.

2) Rabies: An inflamation of the brain in warm blooded animals. Commonly passed by a bite…. See also Stephen Kings CUJO!

3) Necrosis: Necrosis is caused by infections, toxins, or trauma. And is one of the more nastier zombie like ailments.Skin cells die leaving you looking like the walking dead.

4) Dysarthria: A motor speak disorder resulting from a head injury, that will make you moan and grunt just like the walking dead.

5) Leprosy: Leprosy causes damage to the nerves, skin, limbs and eyes. It leaves skin lesions caused by a bacteria called mycobacterium leprae, found in unsanitary conditions.

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BONUS 6)appleconsumeristdumassiest: Probably the most disturbing disease out of all of these. This disease causes normal everyday people to become mindless consumers of shit they don’t need. The bacterium iphoniestcrapiest is to blame on this one.

So there you have it. Put them all together and you have a full on get your shotguns, and  grab your spam Zombie apocalypse! Just kidding… the Zombie apocalypse could never happen.

“Whats wrong with that man over there? Hes foaming at the mouth. Hey buddy you ok? arrggghhhh get off of me!

This blog post brought to you by Zombie Eraserman.





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