Zooey Deschanel iPhone Ad Parodies Hilarious and Controversial

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New Girl star Zooey Deschanel appears in an iPhone 4S ad featuring the talk feature Siri. Now three parodies of the ad have been released, and two are positively hilarious. One crosses the line, however, as it features Siri as a racist.

According to a report from the Hollywood Gossip, you’ve surely seen the ad on TV by now–probably more times than you can count. The parodies clearly depict the producer’s angst at viewing the ad so frequently.

Why would an iPhone user ask Siri the questions that Deschanel asks in the ad? It’s rather insulting, actually, and sort of implies that iPhone 4S users are a bit on the lazy side.

The first parody is based on how its creator believes Siri would respond to Zooey Deschanel’s questions and comments if able to do so. The second is the one that features some racist content. And the third and (so far!) final parody features Siri in the midst of a marital spat.

You can check out all three of the parodies of Zooey Deschanel using her iPhone 4S by clicking on the Hollywood Gossip link above.

Do you talk to Siri on your iPhone? Do you ask ridiculous questions like the New Girl star does?

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